Food & Mood

food and mood
Did you know that what you eat can directly affect how happy (or unhappy) you’re feeling?

It’s true.

Many reports are showing the link between various processed foods and their chemical additives with the overwhelming number of psychological cases people are reporting these days. New science is also showing us that inflammation (specifically, inflammation in the brain) may actually be the cause of feelings like depression, anxiety, and even ADHD.

We know by now that we can use food and supplements to decrease inflammation in the body, and therefore you know you can use these resources as tools to help reduce or even eliminate depressive and anxiety symptoms in your own life.

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"A Fresh Start"

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Now, I want to step in and say that I know nutrition and healthy eating is not the only answer to resolving these heartbreaking symptoms. Just like anything else in life, a holistic approach is best – looking at lifestyle factors, and using other resources like counseling, therapy, and even prescription medication may also be a the right additions to some people’s custom plan.

But my belief, and my own personal experience, is that the best way to achieve a naturally happier, more vibrant state is to use the tool of healing foods and supplements as part of your personally tailored routine.

If you want to feel, lively, energized, and all around happier you must pay attention to the food and supplements you’re putting in your body. A good multivitamin can do most people a lot of good, but if you want to get to the heart of what’s bring the blues into your life, it’s important to have a custom nutrition and wellness plan that’s designed specifically for you.

customized nutrition plan

Custom Nutrition & Supplement Plan

With a custom nutrition and supplement plan you can make sure your exact nutrition needs are being met, and that any nutritional deficiencies you may have are being addressed and balanced out in the way that’s best for your body. With a custom “Food & Mood” plan you also the added support of supplementing with specific amino acids that relate to different types of depression and anxiety. These supplements can make the difference between night and day – literally – by helping you get deeper, more restful sleep and by helping to rebalance your energy levels so you’re feeling the pep in your step during the day, and finding it easier to wind down during the evening.

In addition to a custom nutrition and supplement routine designed specifically for you, the “Food & Mood” plan also includes an optional mindfulness therapy component. This additional support is in place to give you an opportunity to start exploring other factors that may be influencing your depression or anxiety. Our goal is to help you resolve these factors in a subtle yet effective way, so you can begin to create new habits and thought patterns that support your vibrant health and happiness.

If you’re interested in the “Food & Mood” plan, the best place to start is “A Fresh Start” on the Work With Kelsey page. When you contact us to discuss your plan, please indicate that you’re interested in this specific plan by writing “Food & Mood” in the subject line.