Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is a painful symptom of many illnesses. If you suffer from any kind of inflammation, there are a few key things you need to know about what you’re eating…

The heat, redness, pain, and swelling that come with inflammation can be uncomfortable, to say the least. But they become especially uncomfortable when they stick around for a long time, or if you can’t find a solution for what’s causing them in the first place!

Inflammation can look like many things, too: sore joints, back pain, skin rashes, headaches, tenderness throughout the body, sore muscles… the list goes on.

It’s important to understand that each person experiencing inflammation may be experiencing it for a different reason – every person’s body is different, after all. So while having a general approach to reducing and eliminating painful inflammation is helpful, the best way to get to the real root of the problem – and eliminate it – is to have a totally customized approach.

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On the other hand, while everyone’s cause of inflammation can be different, we understand that the built in anti-inflammatory systems we all have are generally the same. Whether it’s an autoimmune condition, an unknown food sensitivity, an injury, or heavy metal toxicity causing pain and swelling, the body responds in the same way with it’s built-in anti-inflammation system.

This is helpful to know, because it allows us to see a clear path that leads from inflammation to anti-inflammation. Because we can see this path, we can effectively track our progress towards eliminating inflammation for good.

For example, we’ve seen that just about everyone can reduce inflammation using nutrition – but some people’s anti-inflammatory system responds well to certain foods, and not to others. We also know that certain supplements can be great for reducing inflammation in some people, while to others they may be useless. Even within our similar built-in systems, there are key differences that are specific to each individual.

anti-inflammatory diet

Having a customized approach to reducing and eliminating inflammation allows us to find the root cause in your body,

so we can remove whatever the cause is and replace it with exactly what your body needs to heal. By using both food and supplements, we take a two-pronged approach to restore vibrant health and energy.
If you’re interested in the “Anti-Inflammatory Solutions” plan, your best bet is the “Total System Reset” on the Work With Kelsey page. When you contact us to discuss your plan, please indicate that you’re interested in this specific plan by writing “Anti-Inflammatory Solutions” in the subject line.